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Tax Planning

Minimizing your tax liability begins with a professionally prepare tax plan. Your tax plan, however, is not a document to be put away and never looked at. Rather, it is dynamic and should be reviewed and updated on a regular, scheduled basis. We believe that tax preparation and planning is an ongoing process, not just once a year. Your personal or business financial situation may change regularly, and tax laws are always changing, requiring periodic adjustments to your tax plan.

We offer tax guidance for the accumulation of personal wealth and its transmittal to family members and beneficiaries during their lifetimes, and through the administration of estates. The successful approach to individual tax and estate planning requires highly trained and experienced tax professionals who are familiar with aspects of a client’s business, his/her family and objectives, individual taxation, and estate planning. We look at the big picture, and then create estate plans and strategic income tax plans which take into account your situation.